Automatically Change Your Content's Protection
Settings using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro

Using Wishlist Auto Protect Pro plugin you will be able to change your content’s protection settings, including membership levels and pay-per-posts after any number of days or on a specific date

  • Protect your content automatically after any number of days of on a specific date

    Automatically change the content’s membership level/s after specific number of days / on a specific date (supports multiple membership level selections)

  • Move your content's protection automatically

    Change the protection settings from: membership levels to membership levels, from levels to pay-per-posts, from pay-per-posts to levels or even from protected to unprotected and the other way around

  • Fully supports both free and paid pay-per-post

    You can move the content’s protection from and to free or paid pay-per-posts

  • Dynamic shortcode to display when the content will change its protection settings

    A dynamic shortcode that displays the time and date until the automatic change occurs according to the member’s registration date (you can insert it in any post or page)