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Wishlist Autoprotect will give you the ability to protect your content in an automated way.

The Wishlist AutoProtect plugin works with any Wishlist member plugin and add an automation to the protection proccess.

Just install and start using it immediately


  • Protect content automatically after specific number of days that you define
  • Protect your content at a specific date and time
  • Move your content between protection levels automatically
  • Support multiple level selections
  • Full integration with Wishlist Members Levels
  • Ability to create disappearing content within just 2 clicks
  • And much more depending on your creative mind…

Look What Other People Say About Wishlist AutoProtect:

“Thank you for sending me the beta version, this plugin rocks. I’m using it all the time on my websites.  After you told me that you decided to give it away for free to Wishlist Insider members,  I just want to tell anyone grab it while you can.”
James Scott
“Just wanted to say WOW! this plugin has changed my work process, I can now give my content for free to a short period of time and automatically protect it, can’t wait for future versions.”
Bryan White
“ This plugin should have been invented a long time ago, great work.  BTW, You could sell this plugin I know I would buy it. ”
William Edwards



  • WordPress Blog (version 3.1 and above)
  • Latest Wishlist Member Plugin
  • Your imagination…